When life hands me yogurt

The other week, I wrote about life handing me leftovers and I made porridge. Then dang, last Thursday, Sept 2, my yoga teacher at the Kampong Glam Community Club handed yogurt that came in packs of four to me and other students.

She muttered it had something to do with PA (ie People’s Association), whose premises we were using, though I didn’t quite make out why PA was treating us to yogurt.

Two students declined, saying they don’t take yogurt, too many things to drink etc. I was especially surprised that one of them who said “no” was also the only vegetarian in the class!

“Hey, yogurt’s good for vegetarians,” I volunteered, ever the kay poh auntie.

“I don’t take it,” she replied, with a small shudder.

“Put it in your coffee, like milk or cream?” I suggested.

Yoga teacher interjected to say yogurt might sour the coffee.

She had a point there. Actually, I don’t normally take yogurt either but since I was given the stuff, I was going to experiment.

yogurt with everything!

Which I did today, starting with my coffee. Well, yes, the result was a tard sour but in a nice refreshing way. I was prepared to use up the yogurt for coffee every day till I came across two baramundi cutlets in the fridge, left by mum and her picky maid because they tasted “fishy”.

They had been nicely fried with garlic but having been in the fridge for one night would probably be fishy. Then I hit on the idea of cooking them again with some curry powder — the Sing Long brand which has a genuine freshly ground curry powder aroma — and half a bottle of yogurt.

My idea was a winner and the baramundi went from fishy to finger licking good. The yogurt and curry powder worked well in combination to produce a lip-smacking sauce.

Once I got going, there was no going back. With the yogurt, I mean.

 I was “inspired” to make yogurt soup for dinner, using a carrot, potato, sweet potato and a tomato, steamed soft together and then blended with the yogurt. It was again delicious, eaten with butter croissant which Delifrance was selling at $1 each today instead of its usual $1.95 per piece.

In all, I made good use of the yogurt I was given. Wish it’s always the same with some of the unrequited presents that come my way!

2 thoughts on “When life hands me yogurt

  1. Hi Pet! The brand I was given is Smart K; it’s a yogurt drink! Since you ask, I checked the labelling, and yes, there’s sugar but not intrusively so. In fact, the combination of tastes in the liquid made it unnecessary for me to add any salt in the soup combo I made. Fr more info of yogurt, go to http://www.kvas.sg

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