Surprise fish-plate gift

Sometime ago, the sister in the sibling blogging duo who runs the lip-smackingly good foodblog Epicurative made a very generous gesture, offering to give away good as new expensive kitchen stuff, crockery, glasses etc to Internet visitors on a first come first served basis.

Weylin called it her “Great Kitchen Giveaway” and her offers could be checked here and here.

I caught the invites to say “I want, I want” and certainly intended to put up my hand with gusto. But somehow inertia set in, although I like to think I refrained because I felt I should give others a chance.

Time passed and I ran into her mother and mentioned how generous her daughter was and said laughingly that I really wanted to grab something too, but haha by the time I made up mind to, it was probably too late. So I didn’t join the queue.

To my surprise, her mum said: “Oh, I’ve kept something for you from the kitchen clearance.”

Thinking it was just a polite response to my compliment, I forgot all about it.

Imagine my surprise on my return home from my yoga class late night to find Weylin delivering a beautiful white China dish in the shape of a fish and perfect for serving a full size  delectable and expensive Sultan fish

My mum also thought it a symbolically auspicious dish because yu in Chinese sounds like  “more than enough”.

nian nian youyu plate

So yes, I love your gift, F & S, sent by Weylin.

And no, we won’t be serving Sultan fish any time soon because we never serve whole fish of any kind, let alone a Sultan! Rather, it’s going to be perfect for the sashimi and sushi meals which we enjoy regularly at home.

What it should have been: F emailed to say that it’s actually a lobster dish, as shown by the imprint at the bottom of the platter. Well, since we never cook crustaceans in our home and haven’t eaten them outside for years n years, we’ll continue to look on it as a dish for fish!


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