When life hands you leftovers…

… why not make multi-treasure porridge?

That’s exactly what I did earlier this weak.

This is how it happened.

I don’t like to throw away food, but it’s not always possible to cook just so that everyone licks his/her plate clean.

Understandably, Mum’s picky maid, Siti, doesn’t like to eat left over food. So I devised a way in which everyone gets to share the leftovers equally, be4 being served fresh food.

It worked reasonably well till recently when Siti started her Ramadan fasting and it was agreed that she ate her own leftovers and the rest of the family ours. As a result, the veggie leftovers on our side simply piled up.

What was worse, a Sick Relative asked for beetroot and in my usual eagerness to please, I rushed out, bought a bag of beetroot and rushed to make home delivery, only to be told on arrival by the patient: “So, this is beetroot! I don’t eat such things. Please take it back!”

I might have been less docile if not for the fact that the relative was ill. I took back the beetroot and made a puree, hoping others at home would help me finish it. None did and I struggled with the puree till only about half a small bowl was left.

Then happenchance came my way. Siti was asked to sit with Sick Relative earlier this week to allow Sick Relative’s hubby some respite. I was left to cobble together lunch for mum and myself, since my mother’s health is such that I daren’t take her out for a meal alone any more.

Opening the fridge door that morning and faced with small bowls and saucers of veggies that ranged from celery, potato and French beans to white radish, carrot, cauli, brocoli  and onion, I decided to make a porridge with the mish mash.

So, out came my trusty crockpot. I washed some brown rice and added some glutinous rice, which makes for smoother porridge.

Within an hour the porridge was ready. I flung in the mish mash of veggies. Threw in the beetroot puree as well. For good measure, I added some facai and two small sachets of Hokkaido seaweed — part of a large box given by a visiting Japanese friend.

Another 30 minutes and lunch was ready. I put a generous tablespoon of Absolut vodka into our dishes, before filling them with the porridge.

We had a healthy though slightly decadent lunch. Mum liked it. Best of all, I cleared the fridge of all leftovers in one fell swoop!

multi-treasure porridge


3 thoughts on “When life hands you leftovers…

  1. As the saying goes, “Necessity is the mother of invention”. You have made a wonderful pot of chop suey porridge…nutritious and appetising!

  2. You are right Shirley! And this sort of chop suey was probably what made Emperor Kangxi drool when he went incognito to visit Guangdong!

    As for the other matters, will email u separately.

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