Pigging out at Tanpopo

Ever since I started allowing myself only one meal where I take meat, fish etc and keep strictly to a plant-based diet for the other meals, I’ve got this extraordinary craving for of all things — pork!

I do eat pork of cos but never had cravings for the meat.

Isn’t it strange? Perhaps there’s the cannibal in all of us, that had been dulled by a diet plentiful with other meats. But when that plentifulness is reduced , the cannibal in us resurfaces and one longs for pork, which according to many knowledgeable in scientific matters is closest to human flesh.

No wonder Simon didn’t last long in Golding’s Lord of the Flies!

Anyways! After eating Tanpopo simmered pork balls at EC’s back in July, I kept on wanting more.

At last, last week, after a stressful three hours at the Indonesian Embassy to support my mum’s maid in getting her new passport, I decided I needed to reward my stomach and headed straight for Tanpopo at Liang Court after the consular red tape was  untied.

I’d buy a dozen to take away, so that the rest of the family at home could have a feast as well and Siti won’t sulk to be left out of the feed since she was fasting.

But horrors,  at Tanpopo’s, no one seemed to know what I was asking for. Pork balls? Mayb you want pork cutlet? No, I certainly didn’t want pork cutlet. Nothing I dislike more than lean pork dipped in flour and egg and then deep fried!

Went thru their menu, and sure enough, there was nothing that resembled pork balls.

Then a bright stark wait asked: “Do you mean dragon balls? They are special promotion items and no longer available.”

Disappointment wasn’t the word to describe how my stomach felt. I went back to my hostess, EC, and asked who was her wait when she bought those elusive balls. EC wasn’t very forthcoming. She couldn’t remember. She bought them on more than one occasion and no one told her they were on promotion or that they were called “dragon balls”.

“I just asked for simmered pork balls and they knew what I meant.”

 I kept thinking about those pork balls and on Saturday, Aug 21, couldn’t stand it any more. With mum for company, we headed for Tanpopo to try and pin them down for dine-in lunch.

Perhaps the waits remembered me. To a man/woman, they told me the dragon balls were a promotion and weren’t available any more.

So we settled for some black pork noodles, BBQ black pork, sushi and plain moochi balls with red beans. Not the most interesting meal, not the cheapest either. If I can’t eat those pork balls again, I don’t think there’s any reason to go back to Tanpopo out of choice!

ate first be4 remembering to shoot


ended with moochi balls

2 thoughts on “Pigging out at Tanpopo

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