No appetite for business, Abbott?

Now you would think that Abbott Nutrition Singapore, the distributors of Prosure, a specially formulated therapeutic nutrition targetted at people who are ill — with claims to clinically demonstrated results — would jump at a customer’s suggestion that it sell its Prosure powder in flavors other than orange.

But no!

I know someone, whose 81-year-old partner has cancer, has been given the “don’t call us, we’ll call you” sort of answer, after she approached Abbott with her suggestion.

Her email to Abbott, making the suggestion, said inter alia: “In an earlier feedback I suggested that your tins of PROSURE should come in flavours other than ORANGE.

“The lady who followed up with me said that the flavour was chosen to distinguish PROSURE from the other nutritional drinks.

“May I suggest again that you import another flavour?

“My choise is VANILLA for the very simple and basic reason that vanilla is plain and not a pronounce flavour. It is versatile and lends itself to be used as a base – for the addition to other drinks.

“Or other supplements (some come in powder form) can be diluted in Vanilla PROSURE without any chance of a clash of flavours. They might taste funny dissolved in an orange – flavoured liquid.

“As such you might find buyers more receptive to purchasing PROSURE in powder form, in tins. I find the powdered form much more versatile (as I do the vanilla flavour)!”

A friend of this woman also wrote to Abbott to support her call:”People who rely on such products are all on restricted diets. So variety is not just welcome, it is a must. Surely you’d stock something as simple and adaptable as vanilla?”

Abbott’s reply is deadpan:”We do not have a answer for you now if we will import other flavours besides orange for Prosure powder, but we will forward your suggestion to the relevant department, for their consideration.”

Prosure drink packs

Perhaps Abbott’s other nutritional drink, Ensure, is doing so well that it doesn’t want to carve out new frontiers in the Singapore nutritional space. Also, Prosure in vanilla flavor is available in drink packs.

Still, considering that the group who needs to consume Prosure out of need rather than choice is likely to grow exponentially in Singapore, Abbott may want to be quicker on the draw.

Markets hate vacuums. Iif Abbott doesn’t act soon, some one else might. Unless Abbott considers that there’s no substitute for Prosure? Perhaps. But some smarty can always bring in the vanilla powder direct from source to meet the demand in Singapore!


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