Hair today, hopefully hair tomorrow

In recent days, people have been making comments about my hair. All right, I exaggerate. Since Aug 9, only two persons made pointed comments about my hair.

First off was my old friend AT who bought me lunch at Din Tai Fang on National Day. After our lunch, we were in the ladies room in the Paragon to smarten up when she peered at my hair and said:

hair still here at Din Tai Fung

“Your hair is really…”

“White,” I finished for her, somewhat defensively.

“Grey,” she said. “And thinning too.”

How does one do a come-back to such a personal comment?

I decided to tell a joke.

“There’s this famous comedian who was asked in an interview whether any of his childhood wishes ever came true. Yes, he said, one. When my father brushed my hair when I was a child, I wish I didn’t have any hair. Now, I’m bald.”

My friend laughed as did some of the other women in the ladies room who understood English well.

Another pointed comment was made about my hair yesterday, again in the ladies room, this time at the Tan Tock Seng Hospital where I had dropped by to give support to a close relative beginning a rather difficult procedure.

Only a few of us were in the ladies and one woman, smiling at me, said she liked my hair, especially its color.

“Pull the other one, ” I thought to myself, but smiled my pleasant-surprise thanks smile.

She went on about how some women try to get the salt and pepper color but never achieve it. She added my salt and pepper colour was complemented by the cut which made me look light and breezy.

“O, I cut my own hair,” I said, smiling like a Cheshire cat.

As usual, anyone who hears that from me, always follows up with “how?”, to which i would reply, “Just stand in front of the mirror and cut, lor”; and I’m not joking.

OK, the woman who complimented me might have been mocking me but why should she pick on a total stranger? Also, she sounded very sincere. After we smiled our good byes and went our separate ways, I decided to take her compliment at face value.

And that made for a much better day, despite my anxiety for my close relative at the hospital. Hehe!


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