Why I heart Ichiban

The other day the cashier at Ichiban Boshi at Great World City stated as a matter of factly: “You eat here everyday!”

Matter of fact I don’t but when I eat out and I’m paying for the meal then Ichiban, especially the GWC outlet, is my preferred choice.

I go there more often than I go to Tanglin Club, Singapore Cricket Club and National University of Singapore Society, and I’m a member of these clubs.

I also buy a lot of the ready-to-cook cod and salmon, handrolls, chirashi rice bowls, sushi and sashimi from Ichiban’s adjacent Kuriya market takeaway corner.

I’ve been eating at the GWC outlet ever since it opened. I’ve seen changes of staff, senior ones and rank and file. But there’s always a consistent minimum standard of service. As is the case at the other Ichiban outlets.

Why my infatuation with Ichiban?

It serves great food at affordable prices. And its service isn’t bad either, whether it’s the Ichiban Boshi at GWC or the Ichiban Sushi outlets in Novena Square, Jurong Point or Toa Payoh HDB Hub.

Ichiban’s prices are in effect a lot lower for those who hold its rewards card. And anyone who spends a minimum of $20 can start a card rightaway, being awarded one stamp.

With a total spend of $300, one’s card will be complete, giving one the chance to win vouchers up to $80 or what I prefer, a card filled up to 9 stamps which is equivalent to a spending of $180. Then I need to spend just $120 more to qualify for another shot at the top prizes as well as the other embedded mini rewards.

But one doesn’t need to spend all of $300 be4 one gets to taste the rewards, thanks to the mini rewards, including a meal and several of the standard dishes that could be redeemed without needing to surrender the card.

What’s even more diner friendly is the fact that over the years, the Ichiban management has been tweaking the rewards card to make it a cinch to accumulate points and lower the bill.

For example, takeaway food, including uncooked fish that’s not sashimi, from its Kuriya market, qualifies for stamps, in exactly the same way as dine-in food.

Also, a diner is not limited to earning or redeeming his rewards at Ichiban. Stars can be accumulated wherever the money is spent across any of its 6 concept restaurants including Cz’zar and Shimbashi Soba! Likewise redeeming the rewards.

So die-die one doesn’t need to stick to Ichiban at GWC even though I do. As do many others it seems, as this particular outlet always attracts a queue! Whatever time of day!

Guess I’m not the only one who hearts Ichiban!


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