Din Tai Fung @ Paragon unimpressive

I won’t have said this if not for the fact that my hostess, AT, kept complaining about how thick the “skin” of the siew mai and dumplings were at Din Tai Fung and that the puay leng (or bochai or Chinese spinach, take your pick) was fibrous and stringy.

AT is a very old friend: old in the sense that we had known each other since the days when we were both single. But she is one of those friends who appear and disappear, so that I don’t see her for years on end and then she would call and suggest we meet.

The last time, be4 our latest lunch at DTF Paragon, was two May Days ago in 2008, if I remember correctly. I would get the occasional text or email from her but that was it.

She resurfaced this year with a suggestion to meet on May Day and after confirmation, apologised to say she had to postpone our get-together as she was off on another long holiday, solo, this time to many cities in the United States.

Just as I thought I won’t be hearing from her for some time, she returned to Singapore and set up another lunch date, this time on National Day! Oh yes, besides treating me to lunch she wanted to show me the wedding dinner photos of her daughter who had married two or three X’mases ago!

Perhaps the food at DTF didn’t sing in our mouths because AT over-ordered: a portion of noodles each; a dozen xiaolongbao; a serving of bochai (at my request), drunken chicken and half a dozen each of shuijiao and siew mai. Plus free flow tea.

She paid some $66 for our meal, with both of us silently agreeing (I think) that it wasn’t value for money! Still, the place was packed so DTF isn’t likely to go the way some of the restaurants and other food outlets mentioned in this blog has gone!

As for the get-together, it’s always nice to catch up with old friends who know me from back when! 😀

thick skinned siew mai

fibrous bochai

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