YOG: slowly catching fire

Just two days to the opening of the Youth Olympic Games in Singapore on Saturday, it makes me happy, no delighted, to be able to report that people around me are beginning to warm to the event.

Take what happened today.

On my way to lunch, I actually saw a car, the same make as mine, with a YOG decal on its back wind screen! Woo-hoo! At least I’ve got company.

YOG taxi

This was followed by the sighting of a YOG taxi when I was heading for my yoga class at Kampong Glam Community Club. I naturally took a picture.

Then, be4 the class started, the instructor handed us each a fan (pix below), that carried a combination of the YOG logo and that of the sponsor, Coca Cola.

fanning the flames

That was not all. After class, Iris, a stalwart of the class, having been its pioneer student, told us that she would be going to the YOG closing ceremony. She seemed delighted to have secured the tickets! But she was disappointed in not being able to get tickets to any of the YOG football games. Or at least her niece was, whom she described as a great fan of YOG.

“Aiyah,” I told her, half in jest, “go and ask the CC office downstairs whether can give you some tickets lah!”

“How can?” Iris shot back at me, somewhat crossly. “You buy the tickets online!”

Clearly, I was the ignoramus.

To round up these small bursts of enthusiasm, a neighbour I shared the lift with when I got home asked where I got the YOG fan from.

After I told him, he volunteered that he had thought the torch rally was coming to our neck of the wood today but no, he was mistaken.

The father of two teenagers said: “My kids told me that it’s tomorrow!”

He said the torch would be going to the schools, Nanyang where his daughter is and ACS where his son is.

“Goodness, i hope it won’t affect traffic around here,”  said me, ever the wet blanket.

“Sure would,” he replied, beaming, “but I don’t mind!”

Now that’s what i call enthusiasm!

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