Robust Italian feed in suburbia

Last Saturday, I went back Pietrasanta — this time with my regular travelling companions to celebrate the birthday of one of them, HTK, our regular treat bank for unusual meals, as have been recorded in various posts on this blog.

HTK had turned 49 a few days earlier. Which led EC to remark that time had flown and it seemed almost like yesterday when we were marking his 40th birthday at Da Paolo in Neil Road!

That got all six of us into a reflective mood, recalling that DP’s boss lady, Julie Scarpa, had shown us around the restored shophouse after our dinner.

Well, Da Paolo has moved on from their Chinatown roots while my group of fellow diners have moved on too, at least for our annual birthday bashes. Don’t think we’ve been back to any same restaurant in the past decade, except for GOTO.

Last Saturday’s choice was quite a departure from where we went in recent years: Gunthers at Purvis Street; GOTO at Ann Siang Hill and Fifty Three @ Armenian Street to name a few.

Price-wise, the five “hosts” paid just $140 per head for the latest celebration which added up to a total bill of $700 for a group of six when at Gunther’s, each host had coughed up close to $300, and IMHO we didn’t receive any more particularly memorable food or service.

Worse, EL recalled that we had been “scolded” at Gunthers, something I overlooked. She remembered we were told to be less noisy!

Well, below is what we ate at Pietrasanta, washed down by a magnum of agreeable Sicilian cabernet sauvignon. We were quite restrained with our wine because at a nearby table, one couple shared the magnum between themselves!

Everything was robust but decent on the palate and wallet and while service was a lot more patchy than I had experienced on previous visits, it could be forgiven since it was a Saturday night and the aircon section was packed (where we were) as was the back alfresco section (as diners emerged after eating), and probably the front alfresco section too, though we didn’t checked.

let e feasting begin!

3 shared this T-bone

EC n I each went for boneless bream

everyone had c-food soup

Ink pasta tasting portions for all

Shared parma ham n rocket pizza

desserts n candle

what's left of gratis chocs from restaurant owner


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