And the food wasn’t bad actually

jade beans with shimeji

After having been put in my place after lunch on Thursday by “someone”, I forgot completely about what I ate at the American Club. 

But after having had a few days to recover from that put-down (or fact thrust down my throat depending on how one looks at it) and in the tranquility of reflection, I suddenly remembered that the lunch at the American Club on Aug 5 was rather good, especially considering that we had a private room, were served course by course and best of all for Auntie Scrooge, the price per head was below $20! 

dis isn't food but table decor

double boiled pork rib soup

1st course which I didn't eat. Duck!

coffee pork rib. MS thot it was brownie, so asked "why dessert so early?" 😀

shelled prawn with salted egg yoke and wasabi

my 2nd helping as i didn't eat duck

individual fruits serving: no one takes his/her fav

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