Bejewelled2 stems thoughts & fears

When the waking hours are filled with too many thoughts that go nowhere and fears that paralyse practical action, I’ve discovered that the online game Bejewelled2 certainly helps to preoccupy the mind.

I’ve never heard of Bejewelled till a few months ago when I was alerted to it by a tweet from Pei who said her parents enjoyed playing it.

So I did a google search and found the game. Voila, since then I’ve gainfully wasted many hours though I’ve never managed to get beyond Level 8 in the Classic game.

The player in Bejewelled2, for those who still haven’t discovered the game,  tries to match gems out of seven different gem types. The resulting matches contribute to a level up bar at the bottom of the page. When the bar is filled, the player is warped onward to the next level. The game ends when the player runs out of moves.

Three gems form a minimum match; four gems form a power gem which yields more points when matched again in another set, while five gems become a hyper cube and when matched again with lesser but like-gems yields even more points.

The idea is to stay playing as long as possible.

Still, while wanting to hold pointless thoughts and fears at bay temporarily, I’m certainly not going to do what one person is reported to have done with Bejeweled 2:

Mike Leyde, a 57-year old steel contractor from Riverside, California. In 2009, Leyde reportedly achieved the highest score possible — 2,147,483,647 points — after playing for more than 2,200 hours!

I’ve some time to waste but not that much! 😀

not a shining player!


2 thoughts on “Bejewelled2 stems thoughts & fears

  1. I’ve wasted a few too and enjoy it better than SHG Dynasty, because of its more dynamic nature. Guess B2 wld be a perfect game on long plane rides!

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