YOG doesn’t light my fire

Sad to say, despite trying hard, I’m still finding it really difficult to get excited about the Youth Olympic Games, which will open in less than two weeks.

Perhaps it’s because no one I know is even remotely connected with it. No one in my immediate circle or even the external upon external circles. Certainly, we don’t have tete a tetes about the games!

Unlike YOG, I got to hear plenty about the Formula 1 races — from younger family members who grabbed the tickets as soon as they were available. Also, from a cousin who came all the way from London, first year, second year and will do so again next month to attend the event.

doing my bit for YOG

Hence when one of my chair yoga instructors at the Kampong Glam Community Club offered me a YOG car decal a few weeks ago, I accepted it, as i would like to promote awareness in others, even if the once in a life-time event doesn’t light my fire.

And I gamely stuck the decal on the rear screen of my car, hoping it won’t block my rear view vision.

But I noticed that none of the other students accepted the teacher’s clutch of decals. Granted, none of them drive to the yoga lessons but I don’t think I’m the only one in that class who drives or owns a car.

More tellingly is that no car except mine carries a YOG car decal in the condo where I live. And there are 77 units, with most units owning at least one car, while several have two and one neighbour having three cars.

Still, mine is just anecdotal evidence, not necessarily representative of what the nation feels, or even what people of my age group and gender feel!

For all I know people are excited about YOG but don’t want to show off their excitement. Perhaps cool youth don’t do uncool stuff like getting excited, even if they are!


7 thoughts on “YOG doesn’t light my fire

  1. Sad to say, it doesn’t excite me either. I guess only the ones who have kids participating in the events will be excited. My son is only excited because he gets 3 weeks off from school but he isn’t going to any of the events.

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  3. Blur, u mean your son gets 3 weeks off, in addition to the ordinay holidays? Mayb that’s why the cost of hosting the YOG has ballooned when they take into account the opportunity cost of the kids not attending school! 😀

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  5. basically like someone who says, these are kids after all, but potential world champions…but because their physical development is perhaps 5 to 10% short of the full development, they are miles away from the real Olympians.

    So who’s interest in a bunch of kids? they dun even come close to the Asian games. They just got a dud project and thinking we are stupid enough for us to be interested and “we are doing it for you” attitude.

    Well, because the regional spectators ain’t buying into this that why the problem has exacerbated.

    Any failure by our scholars?

  6. Hi Googoo, I’m actually not fired by a lot of things including the Opposition but I won’t label them a failure. Still unlike YOG, I don’t feel a need to support the Opp by putting their decal on my car’s back windscreen. Therein lies the difference. Geddit?

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