Pluses of a hyper-ageing society?

Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew says that there should be no retirement age for Singaporean workers. He said this at a dialogue with over 900 senior managers, government officials and unionists on July 28.

The dialogue was in conjunction with the 30th anniversary of the Singapore National Employers Federation.

With that comment, coming from a person whose word carries weight, I hope will come a new mindset about Singapore’s population growing older.

I look forward to the “ageing problem” becoming history. And with that the fear of birth dearth too.

After all, won’t there really be an awful problem if the population at one end of the spectrum refuses to die due to an improving life expectancy while at other end, more and more babies are arriving?

Instead, as Singaporeans live longer, younger Singaporeans are having fewer babies, thus creating what I would call a natural balance.

And if Singaporeans can and want to work beyond 62 years, then the usual ratio of X number of young people supporting Y number of old people may have to be reviewed and reinterpreted.

With that reinterpretation, we may even want to start counting the pluses of having a hyper-ageing society and celebrate!

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