Xingrencha’s gone west

After almost a year of trying to keep a blog about all things China that interest me, I have thrown in the towel for three reasons:

  •  it’s taken almost a whole year for me to put up 49 posts and that’s not very productive for me or useful to anyone else.
  • there is a plethora of blogs about China written by besotted Westerners, many of them very good.
  • I suddenly realise that I stand to pay USD 131 (S$183) to Yahoo for web hosting etc on Aug 1. It had been a sucky experience right from the start and I don’t intend to pay good money again for more sucky service.

See my comment here and here  about Yahoo’s small business web hosting service and how I was “entrapped” into taking it.

But one year is more than enough.

So, I cancelled the plan.

And Yahoo, without even an acknowledgement email, has locked me out of the site and its related xingrencha email facilities.

I’ve lost all the mail I stored with xingrencha but thank goodness not much of relevance is stored there. I was fortunate too that I managed to download all my 49 posts before cancellation.

Here’s a screenshot of one of those post by way of remebering xingrencha which has gone the way of many blogs — west into cyberspace.


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