Wisdom of the young

The master bedroom in my home has been a transit point for things and people for more than 3 years, not for sleeping in.

This is because the aircon in the room has gone “funny” — it switches on and off sometimes or refuses to start when we try to turn it on. Then, a few days later, it will work normally. The aircon man has come at least six times about this aircon and insists that the machine is fine, which it always is, when he is there.

As a result, no one sleeps in the master bedroom. We use it to store stuff; sometimes, someone will take a nap there in the afternoon, as it’s the only room in the apartment that doesn’t face the setting sun.

However, due to a sudden health development in the family, we may have to use the room a lot more regularly. Its aircon needs to be functioning properly and not be its whimsical self.

I told my nephew this and as an aside declared that I would have changed the aircon ages ago, if not for the fact that there are on-off attempts to en bloc where I live, not thru my efforts but those of neighbours who have the temperament for such negotiations.

I said: “I hate to change the aircon only to have the place go en bloc when the thing hasn’t even been run-in. And waste $700!”

My nephew replied: “Why don’t you look at it this way — if your place en blocs, then that $700 will look like chicken feed and you’ll kick yourself for living with the inconvenience for  so long, over so little money.”

Ah, the wisdom of youngsters.

So, the aircon man is coming next week to replace the unit installed in 1996. 

And on his latest inspection visit — as well as talk terms about the new unit — he did say that there was no point trying to repair the old unit, contrary to his earlier assurances!


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