Hokkaido in S’pore with old friends

Food is one of the best pleasures in life. Better still when shared with old friends. And the cherry in the martini must surely be eating fresh food one likes in the comfort of home where the aircon is working well and one doesn’t need to stand on ceremony.

That’s what happened on Sunday night, when five of us went back to EL’s home in the heart of historic Singapore to help her polish off the goodies she brought back a couple of nites earlier from her holiday in Japan.

She had text us that she brought back fresh wasabi, salmon roe, fresh white asparagus spears and chocolates and wanted to throw together other food for a feast for her regular travel kakis ie us.

EL isn’t much of a cook but she certainly put together an enviable, lip-smacking upmarket gourmet table, by  topping up what she brought back with forays to no fewer than 3 destinations to pick up extra food: scrumptious pork balls from Tanpopo at Liang Court; fresh cold crab from Singapura Seafood Restaurant and alarge platter of sashimi from Cold Storage. LW and I provided 1.2 litres of sake while EC threw in our regular favs from Island Creamery.

CK n TK came simply to eat for a change, because most times when we have a home-cooked meal it is they who do the cooking and cleaning up afterwards, while we just sashay home after satisfying our stomachs and taste buds.

Without more ado,  here are a few shots of Sunday’s feast. No pix of pork balls or fresh white asparagus because they were eaten up faster than I could shoot with my camera fone (ok, CWM, lousy camera fone…).

Oishi, oishi, forever!

table is set

... for 6

plump ikura for rice

these were eaten last

plenty of sashimi for all

3 thoughts on “Hokkaido in S’pore with old friends

  1. The food was scrumptious! But the best part was tt eating with old frens, one could dispense with being over restrained.. 😀

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