Throwing $10 down the TOTO drain

Occasionally I get carried away by the thought of instant fabulous riches with very little investment and no effort. No effort because i can do it with just a phone call whereas others have to stand in a long queue.

I am of course referring to the multi-million $ TOTO which took place last night.

Where Singapore Pools betting is concerned, I can almost always take it or leave it. Occasionally, when i chance upon some interesting numbers, in a set of four eg 1234 I would plonk down $2, for a big and a small, for one draw and only if I happen to be shopping at one of the Fairprice outlets with a Singapore Pool kiosk as a neighbour.

I almost never buy TOTO and even then, my outlay is never larger than $1, the minimum bet.

Reason? The odds are so slim as to be almost non-existent. And I get no entertainment in the interim.

Still, I got truly carried away on reading that the winning prize pool had built up to $8.3 million, with one letter to the Straits Times Forum page suggesting that the prize could be even $10 million — which sounds something like TOTO draws during Chinese New Year celebrations.

good $ down the drain

So, I decided to splurge and put 10 bucks into yesterday’s draw. And I didn’t need to queue to buy my tickets, even tho I’m not one of Singapore Pools’ group of registered punters.

I’ve a friend working there, so with one phone call, I was instantly $10 out of pocket, with the extravagant hope of becoming a few million smackeroos richer at the end of Friday.

At dinner last nite, said friend passed me three hongbaos containing three sets of TOTO tickets to select from, as said friend has bought set for self and one set for said friend’s mum.

Then said friend said: “You know, our HQ is never lucky where buying draw tickets is concerned.”

I wish said friend hadn’t been so candid, because instantly my feeling of luck evaporated and yes, when I got home after dinner to check the results, it was Singapore Pools 1 and moi zero!

It would be a long time before I’ll be silly enough to try and pick six winning numbers out of 45!


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