3rd visit to Marina Bay Sands (1)

On Saturday, July 17, after returning from Marina Bay Sands after a thoroughly enjoyable day spoilt by the loss of my free carpark pass, I wrote a post which also mentioned that “we went to the Skypark, not the paying section but the section where the infinity swimming pool is — for free, as each hotel guest can bring up two guests with his pass.

“We took pix and gawked at the brave souls in the pool who attracted stares and much photo-snapping, in particular one young man with ear-studs and a much-tatooed body, that was outstanding especially for a rose on one side of his back matching a rose on his bermuda length swim pants!

“KL tried to take several snaps of this “creature” but I’m not sure if he succeeded. Will share if I receive them.”

As a matter of fact KL did succeed in getting a decent shot of this body art. This despite the many glowers he received from the man’s other lady companion (KL didn’t take her picture), who assumed, wrongly, that KL was a dirty ole man having a cheap thrill.

Anyway, here is the pix. And I was wrong. It isn’t a rose on his back but a stylised hand which matches the pattern on his bermuda-length swim pants. Note, the Singapore historic buildings in the far horizon.*

As KL tried to catch that perfect snap, we girls discussed the country origin of the guy. I put my bets on he’s Chinese, mainland Chinese, while MK2 thought he’s Singaporean. He looked strangely familiar, perhaps in the entertainment or arts scene.

If anyone recognises him, let me know?

*After this post was put up, I got an email from someone who says: “My husband and I would like to request for you to remove our photograph discreetly from your blogpost…Pls act on this email immediately as we treasure our privacy. Thank you.”

I responded and said OK but on reflection, I’ve two problems: 1) is the request bona fide, since I don’t know the email address of this person; indeed, I don’t even know this person. 2) the pix was taken in a public place and friends I’ve consulted think it’s as strange as asking mass media not to show faces in the crowd because the people concerned value their privacy.

To cut a long story short, I’ve decided to compromise with a color wash of the pix and also made it smaller. Sorry ah that as a result, the skyline of Singapore’s historic buildings is no longer visible…

(More posts on the 3rd MBS visit akan datang)


5 thoughts on “3rd visit to Marina Bay Sands (1)

  1. Hi. Thanks for not showing e full pic bec the tattoo was illustrated by a us artist and upon agreement on e completition. I am not allow to publish it on public. It’s for the rights of the artist.
    And also many ppl took pic of my back n some bitch about it tho tattoo is a personal interest so personally if I can I would like to keep e comment to themselves and on top on that? I’m not a prc. Many ppl read ur blog n start calling me prc now. I took offend on that one.


  2. K, that bit abt u may be fm PRC was just speculation, lah! I also said my friend said u are S’porean.

    I’m surprised the artist doesn’t want yr tatoo to be shown. I wld have thought that wld raise his standing n he wld be happy. First time I hear tt an artist doesn’t like his work to be seen. Does tt mean u shouldn’t be swimming/sunbathing in public then? That surely curbs your personal freedom!

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