Perfect day at Marina Bay Sands…

made imperfect by something inexplicable that happened at the end of my visit today.

I lost my free carpark pass which for no rhyme or reason disappeared after i removed my cashcard from its IV unit.

I remember taking out the free pass and then removing the cashcard, as reminded repeatedly by the MBS casino concierge. But lo and behold, after putting away the cashcard, I couldn’t find the free pass.

That really spoilt the day, as it was almost midnight and I wasn’t going to expend more time searching for the missing pass.

So, $28 down the drain for parking at Marina Bay Sands!

The day had started out fine. KL had booked a room for his parents on the 23rd floor and after a so-so but pricey dim sum lunch at Jin Shan, the Chinese restaurant, we (including ST and MK2) moosied up to the room on the 23 floor to take a look at Singapore from that height.

The room is rather small when compared to the Venetian in Macau, declared KL and ST who had both stayed there recently.

Thereafter we went to the Skypark, not the paying section but the section where the infinity swimming pool is — for free, as each hotel guest can bring up two guests with his pass.

We took pix and gawked at the brave souls in the pool who attracted stares and much photo-snapping, in particular one young man with ear-studs and a much-tatooed body, that was outstanding especially for a rose on one side of his back matching a rose on his bermuda length swim pants!

KL tried to take several snaps of this “creature” but I’m not sure if he succeeded. Will share if I receive them.

After the Skypark tour, ST and I retired to the casino where I noticed that at the High Bet Corner, bets started at $500, with a ceiling of $75,000!

ST quit at around 6.30pm as she saw no point in putting in more funds to max out her $100 entry levy.

cashed out

I stayed put. In the end, despite being down a total of about $300 by 9pm, I managed to claw back $250.39 by 11pm when I decided to call it quits. And this time, I changed my cash out ticket for cash, so I won’t need to go back within 30 days or suffer that ticket becoming worthless.

Everything would have been perfect if only I didn’t lose my free parking ticket to night.

If I’m not thoroughly rational, I would start imagining that MBS has some black magic that prevents small change gamblers like me from enjoying its perks!

So what i didn’t lose at its slot machines, I had to surrender in its car park. 😦

On my next visit, I shall pay special attention to what I do with the free carpark pass and make sure it won’t be lost again. I shall also endeavour not to lose anything else, like money, at the slots — the next time.

So Mr Sheldon Adelson, don’t say you haven’t been warned! 😉


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