So young, so tragic, so dead

So, the bride whose groom died on their wedding night under mysterious circumstances at the Hilton Hotel in Orchard Road has got her wish to die.

According to media reports, the widow fell to her death early this  morning from her maternal home.

She was said to have been on suicide watch since her husband’s death last November.

Objectively speaking, the tragedy of losing her husband on her wedding night doesn’t seem any more tragic than the four men who were savagely slashed in Kallang last month. One lost his life while the other three have had their future, perhaps even livelihood, ruined by their severe injuries.

Or take what another man has to live with: his wife killed by the Bombay terrorists while her last frightened phone calls continue to replay in his mind.

Yet such observations don’t take into consideration that we are all made differently and more importantly, we are all hard wired and programmed differently.

That being the case, some of us are able to pick up our shattered lives and move on. Others can’t ever find their direction again.

And at just 27, I guess the young widow simply couldn’t face living perhaps another 50 or 60 years with what happened on her wedding night.

May she rest in peace!


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