Auntie L hits Marina Bay Sands again

Today I returned to Marina Bay Sands, the second time this month, to make sure I donch waste the two cash out tickets of 18 cents and $49.63 respectively which I took away with me after my visit on June 7.

I had to “use” them be4 their validity runs out on July 7.

Like the slogan which some shops use to push customers to spend in order to save — “the more you spend, the more you save” — I ended up spending more money than I saved, tho nothing like the $274 (including $24 on carparking and the cash out tickets of almost $50) I spent on the last trip. (That sum doesn’t cover the $100 levy or what I spent on lunch).

Today, the heftiest sum I spent was on the levy that Singaporeans have to pay to enter a casino. $100 down the drain be4 I entered the door, though at the end of my 6-hour stay including a leisurely lunch break, I decided to regard the levy as a ticket for some entertainment. Much like paying for a seat in a concert or a play.

What I lost today: in some 5 hours’ of solid slot machine gaming, I lost the cash out tickets from the June 7 visit which means I lost almost $50. Then in the last 30 minutes be4 I really, really must rush home for dinner, I lost another $37, which again proved the moral that one must never gamble in a hurry.

I effectively lost a total of $87! Which isn’t too bad, compared with my first visit.

After that visit, I told myself that if I returned, I must plan my gambling better; stay longer; be more disciplined; have a strategy. And if I could stretch my gambling capital to last double the time of my first visit, I would consider myself a winner.

I did plan my visit better. Arriving b4 the noon ERP kicked in, I saved myself $1. And yes I drove in instead of taking MRT, bus or taxi, as I discovered that i had the 4 premium dollars in my Advantage card needed to pay for the maximum $28 fees which MBS charges for whole day parking.

I was absolutely disciplined for the best part of the day, so much so that I was up on the House to the tune of $150 for most of the time.

Then, alas, as it grew late, I got careless and so lost my winnings, my cash out tickets and another $37!

Still, I consider myself a winner, as I managed to do better and stayed longer than on my first visit.

Hopefully, when I go back towards the end of next month to spend the $63 cash out ticket I took away with me today, I would do better.

Meanwhile, I must try and remember the advice of this website which stresses that slot machines are random number generators and there are no strategies or methods to beat the House. One must just depend on dumb luck!

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