Want and waste

On Thursday (June 24) I popped by Tan Tock Seng Hospital again — this time nothing to do with my household thank goodness but because an old and dear friend has had her umpteenth operation.

I’ve known N since 1982 and since then she’s been in and out of hospital, for various operations. This time it’s for a knee cap replacement. Still i found her recovering well and as usual cheerful, optimistic and full of life.

It’s people like her who always put me in a good mood and when in a good mood and with no appointment for lunch, I decided to treat myself to something I like — such as a sandwich.

So crossing from TTSH, I headed for Cedele (once a fav haunt, or at least its 1st outlet in Siglap was) in Novena Square for a bite.

Then I saw this very sad sight.

Amidst the swirling office crowd heading for or after a good lunch and in the slot of a space between Square 2 and Novena, stood a reed thin man, bespectacled and unshaven, trying to interest people passing him to buy his packets of tissue paper.

Of course no one took a blind bit of notice. Except me. I’ve got this compulsion to give a $ or two to someone looking hungry and dirty and obviously hoping for a handout from someone to tide them over the next meal.

So I handed him $2 (thank goodness Singapore, unlike the US, has two dollar bills), declined his offer of tissue apper and quickly moved away, in case I embarrassed him.

It’s against this backdrop that I felt extremely sad whilst eating my sandwich lunch at Cedele that I saw three young people finishing their meal and leaving two thick slices of bread untouched and abandoned, probably as a result of their cutting too much from Cedele’s free-flow bread offer.

Imagine what that tissue paper uncle I had just passed could have done with the bread! One in so much want; the other so careless about waste.

all right someone's going to complain abt my pix again!

And as if to comment on my observations, a pesky fly appeared from nowhere and settled on my tray. Just as well I had finished my soup and sandwich!

fly in the cafe


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