Marina Bay Sands, be careful with my privacy

Marina Bay Sands (MBS) Integrated Resort (IR) has been opened by its owner Sheldon Adelson today amidst much fanfare and hoopla. Imagine,  some 2,500 guests as well as 1,100 members of the media from 17 countries, who were specially flown in!

And no fewer than 500,000 visitors have gone to its casino in the one-month since its soft opening, the IR says.

Add to that the ongoing hooha between MBS and IPBA 2010 Pte, on behalf of the Inter-Pacific Bar Association conference, which is asking the Singapore High Court to assess damages for misrepresentation, breach of agreement and Marina Bay Sands Pte’s conduct. The suit counters the casino’s allegations over unpaid bills.

Against this backdrop, I guess those running MBS can’t be expected to be over-fastidious about small details.

Such as sending this visitor (one of its 500,000) — MOI — a postcard which revealed to one and all that I have visited the casino. OK, perhaps not one and all, but anyone handling my post. Furthermore, the casino revealed the ID that I was assigned after I signed up for its Premier Advantage card, to earn points and get freebies.

Thank goodness I don’t belong to the category of casino visitors who hide their activity from family and friends. Instead, I regale loved ones with takeaways of my experience. I even wrote about my first visit here and here and also signalled my intented trip long be4 it materialised.

But I guess not everyone is like me. Many go to a casino in shame or secrecy, not wanting anyone to know, least of all their friends, family or even neighbours.

For the sake of such clientele, it may be helpful if MBS could learn to be more discreet when communicating with them?

Even where I’m concerned, I think it’s really reckless for the casino to put my ID on a postcard for all to see. Sure, it’s password protected but why run the risk when just putting the postcard into an envelope would ensure privacy for all?

So, “I make love, not war” Mr Adelson, how about giving this issue some thought now that the opening party is over and done?


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