What a bum deal for a mum!

Now what do you find is the saddest aspect of the report below taken from today’s Straits Times?

That one man died so needlessly and recklessly while trying to get a sex high? That it involved gay men? That an 80-year-old woman lost her son?

Yes, these all make for sad reading but I think saddest by far is the fact that the elderly woman Madam Ee Kim Neo, had gone to the shop on the afternoon of Sept 14 to clean it, as she regularly.

Why was a woman as old as that cleaning her son’s shophouse? And not just on the off chance but regularly?

Perhaps she needed something to do?

Being a cleaner to her son was hardly therapy as the evidence revealed.

Isn’t it truly macabre that despite seeing her son naked on his bed, she thought he was asleep? She heard groans but thought he was snoring? She still didn’t think anything was amiss when she noticed a pair of feet protruding from under the bed.

Then she locked up the shop and returned to her flat in Queenstown.

It was only the  next day when she came back (to do more cleaning one assumes) and then finding her son in the same position, that she checked and found his body was cold. Only then did the penny drop and  she ran to a neighbour for help.

If all these facts don’t underline that the mother isn’t fit enough mentally for anything other than leisure in her twilight years, then I don’t know what does.

Of course the final irony is that the mother might have saved her son when she first found him. If only her cognitive power was strong enough to grasp the tell tale signs!

Gay sex romp turned fatal

Dead man had consumed sex drugs and ketamine with gay partner

By Khushwant Singh

THEY were a homosexual pair who would often combine several sexual enhancement drugs with ketamine and Ecstasy.

But last year, the deadly cocktail of drugs cost Mr Francis Wee Chin Wah his life. State Coroner Victor Yeo returned a verdict of misadventure in an inquiry into the death yesterday.

Last Sept 15, the 43-year-old was found dead on his bed by his elderly mother in his River Valley Road shophouse, where he lived and sold art, bags, ceramics and vases.

His lover, Mr Eric Sin Hoo Kat, 36, lay under the bed unconscious. Mr Sin survived.

The inquiry yesterday heard that Mr Wee’s mother, Madam Ee Kim Neo, had gone to the shop on the afternoon of Sept 14 to clean it, as she regularly did.

She saw him lying naked and on his back, but thought he was asleep. She also heard groans, but thought it was her son snoring.

The 80-year-old did not think anything was amiss even when she noticed a pair of feet protruding from under the bed.

Instead, she locked up the shophouse and returned to her flat in Queenstown.

But when she returned the next day and found her son in the same position, she checked and found that his body was cold. She then ran to a neighbour for help.

Police found empty condom packets and empty pill casings in the house.

In the living room, a board game featuring sexual instructions and a pair of handcuffs were found.

Testifying at the inquiry yesterday, Staff Sergeant Mohammad Zhafrie Jalil said police found 10 different kinds of pills at Mr Wee’s house, including Viagra, Cialis, Power 1 Walnut and other Chinese brands. There was also a packet of ketamine and an improvised pipe.

There was no suicide note or other evidence to indicate foul play, he said.

Staff Sgt Mohammad Zhafrie also testified that Mr Sin, a salesman, had been in a relationship with Mr Wee for 2-1/2 years and had been living with him and working in the shop.

Mr Sin, who cannot remember the events that led to his partner’s death, admitted that he and Mr Wee would use ketamine and Ecstasy, bought together with sex drugs from a shop in Little India.

He has not been charged and was not at the inquiry.

The coroner noted that a police investigation report said traces of glibenclamide was found in the blood of both men.

The drug, used in the treatment of diabetes, is found in some illegal sexual enhancement pills here and reduces blood glucose levels drastically when taken without medical supervision, and can result in fatal brain damage.

The cause of death was determined to be consistent with fatal brain damage and low blood sugar level, compounded by methamphetamine and amphetamine intoxication.

Earlier this year, The Straits Times reported that the Health Sciences Authority and researchers at the National University of Singapore found dubious ingredients such as glibenclamide in many of the 175 sex drugs seized from illegal street vendors here.

The study followed the deaths of at least 10 men, aged between 35 and 84, linked to the consumption of such drugs in 2008.


3 thoughts on “What a bum deal for a mum!

  1. I think the part about the partner being under the bed is more disturbing. What was he doing there. Hiding? If so, why couldn’t they just lock the door?

  2. Haha, the partner was zonked under the bed lah! So that’s why they couldn’t lock the door. In any case, cleaner mum has the keys, presumably?

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