Are IRs hitting clubs’ jackpot takings?

Joseph Chew, president of the Tanglin Club, said in his message in the June issue of the Club’s magazine that he was asked whether the opening of the two Integrated Resorts (IRs) has impacted the club, especially takings of its jackpot room.

Mr Chew said he checked with the finance department and found there’s been minimal impact. However, he added that it is still early days yet. And although the jackpot room’s revenue may be small relative to other streams of revenue such as food and beverage, it is “not insignificant”.

Tanglin Club may not feel the effect of competition from the thousands of slot machines hosted by the casinos of the two IRs — yet.

But one club’s jackpot room appears to have lost its clientele if what i saw this afternoon is anything to go by.

I refer to the jackpot room at the Kent Ridge Guild House of the National University of Singapore Society.

I had dropped by with mum, her maid and sister Daffy after our lunch at the coffee house. Not to try our luck but to find out where it is as none of us had been there despite several visits to have meals — since the NUSS new Kent Ridge premises opened last year.

The jackpot room was empty. There are about 24 machines and everyone was unoccupied.

OK, I don’t know whether this has always been the state of affairs since the premises opened or whether this is the result of the new IRs.

OK, it was early Saturday afternoon, barely 2.30pm, so perhaps the regular patrons were still having lunch.

OK, this is June and the school holidays have yet to run their course, so maybe the regular patrons have gone on holiday with their children, or simply gone away.

Strangely, thoug, I have never found an empty jackpot room at the old NUSS premises at Kent Ridge, whatever the time or the day of the week or month.

So, the signs are indicative that the IRs have cannabalised the business of our social club’s jackpot rooms.

Come to think of it, that seems obvious. Because with a $100 levy for Singaporeans to partonise the IRs’ casinos, social club members are the natural pool that could afford such a levy — more than the average Singaporean.

That being the case and the fact that jackpot rooms of social clubs are often the cash cow to help subsidise other less profitable club operations, i had better eat more often at NUSS Kent Ridge, be4 the jackpot gravy dries up and prices are raised.

Because where else can i get such a scrumptuous Kampung Nasi Goreng meal — complete with keropok, curry kampung chicken drumstick, satay, prawns, a fried egg, achar and fluffy long grain rice with a small sprinkle of tiny fish — served with good crockery and cutlery in airconditioned comfort, all for $8.50?

all this for $8.50


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