Home-cooked and good!

Generally, we eat more often at home than outside, not least because of the overall costs, including the time getting ready to be presentable to the outside world. And time they say is money.

Today, I’ll share what we had recently, starting with the dinner last night at my sister’s home: the annual Dragon Boat festival meal. Besides that, my sister’s family makes a point to feed us every year for the Hungry Ghosts Festival, The Mooncake Festival, Chinese New Year eve and the Second Day of Chinese New Year or kai-nian lunch.

The menu varies little, as the dishes must be both traditional and seasonal (so we can’t suddenly have pizza!), and always cooked by my sister and her hubby who is no slouch in the kitchen.

dragon dinner

 At other times when we eat at home, we get a bit ambitious, if not creative. After mum’s maid, Picky Siti joined us, she boasted she could sprout taugeh from mung beans or better known as green beans. Do that all the time in Lampung, she claimed.

The only trouble was, she needed a banana leaf as the bed for the mung beans to sprout. As there weren’t any banana trees around where we live and as I avoid wet markets like the plague, we didn’t have a chance to call her bluff till one day by happenchance we were at Ivy’s Bollywood Veggies Farm and Ivy gamely slashed a large banana leaf for the taugeh sprouting venture, which I recorded here previously.

We had a harvest from that and on and off after that, whenever we managed by chance to lay our hands on a banana leaf.

Things however changed this year when Siti started going on her monthly off-days. She learned from her compatriots from Lampung that you don’t need banana leaves to sprout taugeh. Consequently we’ve been having regular harvests of crispy, crunchy fresh taugeh that gamely sprouted after a couple of nights’ soak in cold water.

home sprouted

Occasionally, Siti, getting tired of my daily menu prescriptions, which didn’t give her much creative leeway, would beg to be allowed to try something she had made back home. Below is one such experiment: simple to make, but more of a snack than a dish for a main meal!

rolling along


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