Say Cheeze? Say bye-bye?

When I first saw Say Cheeze’s name on one of my first trips to Somerset 313 many months ago, I thought it a rather cheesy name.

I’m not sure what kind of food it tried to serve; what customer segment it was aiming for and with it’s open concept where every passerby could see you feeding your face, it certainly didn’t make for cosy dining.

I might as well eat in Food Republic, the food court on level 5, at half the price or less, if I wanted to have my meal in a goldfish bowl.

Then earlier this month, while I was again in Somerset 313, I found that Say Cheeze seemed to have packed up and took a picture, to confirm its demise.

cheeze shell

cheeze shell

I didn’t write about it then, cos I couldn’t believe that it’s folded so soon (I mean Somerset 313 is barely a year old!). Even though the life span of food outlets in Singapore is usually too short for too many, Say Cheeze’s brevity must be record breaking — if it’s closed down.

Then I saw Say Cheeze empty shell of a cafe again today. The furniture is still there but nothing else which makes it a full-fledged cafe remains. No glasses, crockery, nothing.

Guess Say Cheeze has really said good-bye!


4 thoughts on “Say Cheeze? Say bye-bye?

  1. The outlet at Tampines 1 is gone as well, didn’t leave much of an impression on me, though the laksa soup was quite interesting

  2. Thanks for letting me know. Like I said, food places in S’pore have very short life spans. Because anyone can cook but not everyone likes wot they cook or their prices! 😀

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