Get ’em knotted

It’s something of an eureka moment. I was hustled this afternoon into buying a Thai coconut while trying to settle down with mum, Daffy and mum’s maid, Siti, at the super crowded Food Opera at ION.

After everyone got her food, and we were about to begin our meal, when I suddenly realised to my disgust that i was given a straw to drink the fresh coconut juice.

Considering the recent news item from Malaysia and that i had just blogged about the topic yesterday, I was understandably uneasy about the straw. Did it look as though it’s been used be4? Should I junk the coconut and write off the exhorbitant $4 I had paid for it?

Or offer it to any of the three eating with me, but knowing them — mum, Daffy and Siti — all would be super suspicious about why I didn’t want to drink the coconut juice. And if I didn’t want it, they would reckon that something’s wrong with it, and reject it too.

As these thoughts coursed thru my mind, I decided to bite the bullet and use the straw. It was then that I hit on the idea to make sure that the drinking straw I used won’t ever be recycled.

Since I had nothing on me to cut it up after use — I’m not in the habit of carrying dangerous weapons on me — I did the next best thing. After finishing the coconut juice, I tied the straw into a knot. Then I discarded it among the dirty dishes.

Now, if everyone of us who uses a straw for our drinks makes a point of making it impossible to be reused — for example shredding it or tying it in knots etc — then no hawker, food court operator or restaurant would be able to practise or perpetuate the super unhygienic habit of re-using drinking straws.

This is one campaign I’m definitely going to support, even if it doesn’t have more than one follower — moi!


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