Food that friends feed me

Be4 the latest visit, the last time I ate at the Spring Court Restaurant was in October 2001, after my father was cremated and my sister-in-law (wife of the oldest son) arranged for an apres funeral lunch for family and relatives. 

She chose Spring Court because that was where her parents used to take her. Never mind the restaurant was miles from where any of us lived and certainly miles from where the cremation took place.

Still, a close friend of mine from Kuala Lumpur who had come down for the funeral was in the party and was grateful for the lunch venue being near Changi Airport where she was headed after the meal.

So, Spring Court won’t have been the first place I think of to eat a meal at. But since LW wanted to buy lunch after our aborted Rolex sale to Vincent, I didn’t mind being led there, especially as it wasn’t at the old place but in Upper Cross Street, just minutes’ walk from People’s Park. 

The new Spring Court was in a refurbished “heritage” shophouse, completely gutted to equip it with 21-st century comforts, while retaining a certain ye olde yesterday ambience. 

We settled for the dim-sum set tasting platter. I had visions that all the dim sum would be served at once but thankfully, they were served a few items at a time, so that we could savour each type of flavour without being overwhelmed. 

Every bite was lip-smackingly good, especially the roast pork or “siew yoke”. But a word of caution here. It wasn’t part of the set although when it arrived we thought it was, and declared it’s a better deal than that at Lei Garden. 

Only when the bill came did LW discover it was an “extra”, though in truth I don’t remember either of us asking for it. However LW being the perfect host didn’t demur and that’s why the bill was bumped up to close to $50 for two, despite the set’s price was  $12.80 +++ per person. 

char siew: so good I ate my full share

3 types of dim sum n sharksfin dumpling soup

lotus leaf rice and super yummy custard bun

different fried spring rolls

that unasked for extra: crunchy n crispy

Now contrast this with what I ate today at a lunch hosted by CS Lee at the Rangoon Road branch of (Old) Lai Huat Seafood Restuarant. Ah, Rangoon Road where I spent my growing up years till aged 16. It was another country, another life-time — almost. Present at the lunch were YTJ, newly back from Seattle and Ibekay from Kunming, Yunnan, as well as ST who had just completed her Chinese exams. A most appropriate time to celebrate, despite the untimely rain and a setting I won’t normally choose myself. But the food was good, the atmosphere mostly relaxed, with a general feeling that God’s in his heaven and all’s right with the world! 

no frills no need to kekee!

3 thoughts on “Food that friends feed me

  1. Auntie Lucia, I too enjoyed the Spring Court dim sum set. It was good value for money and the food was fresh when served. It was the first time I selected the set as I always order dim sum from the a la carte menu. A good oasis in People’s Park area to have lunch when you need air-con on a hot day and a decent toilet.

  2. Hi LW! U r absolutely right abt its rest room facilities. Up there with all the ex-restaurants! My fault u ended up eating the dim sum set. I just thought tt we could have variety without over-ordering! Shld have left u to do the a la carte! 😀 Wotever it is, still great food!

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