‘Sale’ is a four-letter word

The Great Singapore Sale (GSS)? Whoever thought up this name for the June holiday sales season — wasn’t the season originally in July? — has certainly done our country and nation a disfavour.

Singapore is not and never was for sale!

Rather, it’s the stuff in malls and wherever consumers spend their money that is on sale.

Once upon a time when CK Tang was in River Valley Road and Metro in High Street and Aurora and Whiteaways were household names along with Robinson’s, a sale had really meant something, because for the rest of the year, goods were sold at fixed prices.

There’s no longer such novelty or true dollar-stretching effect any more from the latest GSS.

How can there be when year-long every shopping centre or mall will have at least one tenant — if not several — having a sale.

Heard of the Sale Worth Waiting For? The end -of-season sale? The opening sale? The renovation sale? The anniversary sale? The moving out sale? The everything must go sale? Super sale? Crazy sale? Clearance sale? Store-wide sale? Holiday sale? Sale to end all sales?

So GSS elicits a yawn and “big deal”

If I find the year-long scattered sales throughout the island depressing, I find the synchronised overnight blossoming of sale signs everywhere now that GSS is here more than depressing.

I read desperation in all the signs.

So please lah, instead of GSS or all year-round sale, why don’t our shops do something really uniquely Singapore. Such as charging prices that would make those marked down for sale look ridiculously over-priced and still yield the shop-keeper a profit?


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