Who audits car agent’s workshop?

Call me ultra suspicious. The latest round of servicing done for my trusty car at the agent’s workshop has set me thinking.

First, as I regaled J over lunch yesterday about the list of things that had been recommended for my car, she muttered, how would we know whether the workshop really does what it said it would.

Such suspicions do cross my mind sometimes. But I always brush them off, as I’ve been using the same brand of car for more than two decades and had seen it go from an unknown joke to something that many people drive, including a neighbour who has just bought a $3+ million home.

I know the people at the agent’s workshop in the way that one would “know” the staff of one’s regular fishmonger, florist and restaurant. There’s an implicit trust of sorts.

But the latest service stoked those suspicions anew as I was told that my battery was weak and the exhaust pipe appeared corroded. I agreed to the battery being changed but demurred re the exhaust pipe as I distinctly remember that it had been replaced some time ago, although the workshop claimed to have no record and I certainly don’t keep most bills over a year old.

I would have agreed to having the exhaust pipe changed (again?) if not for the fact that it had to be ordered from abroad and I was keen to get my car, on the verge of turning five, pass the LTA mandated test as soon as possible.

I decided to take my chance today till on the way to Vicom, the aircon blower in the car started to make a racket, something it had done be4 after servicing. So, I dropped by the agent’s workshop right away and asked for the problem to be sorted out.

Not so easy as the workshop diagnosed that the aircon blower had to be replaced and that would take a couple of hours.

I decided to live with the noise for the time being. And continued my way to Vicom where my car was given an easy pass.

After all, it’s not yet five years’ old and i haven’t done more than 41,000 km.

Now I’m left to assess whether I should just trust the agent’s workshop and get the exhaust pipe and aircon blower replaced or whether I should go to a small workshop I know and seek a second opinion.

You see, there’s some backrgound to my suspicions.

I had put down a deposit for a new car in March but because of the sharp spike in the COE, the agent failed to secure the necessary COE. Still, it tried every which way to get me to buy, including giving me a discount against the going price. But I didn’t bite because even with the discount, I had to cough up an extra $7K.

Is the sudden confluence of problems with my car co-incidental or is it a nudge for me to start looking for a new car again?

I will know better once I’ve secured the second opinion. Which hopefully won’t cost an arm and a leg!

Just wish that there’s somewhere in Singapore one can pay a small fee and get an official audit on what one’s workshop recommends, because not all motorists know anything about their car beyond driving it!


3 thoughts on “Who audits car agent’s workshop?

  1. I guess it is at that age where wear and tear sets in and things start falling apart. My car is around 5 and I was considering a new one until COE spiked. For now, I’ll just replace what’s necessary and keep it for a year or two. My suspension is giving problems now.

  2. The automobile association offers either a simple inspection or a detailed evaluation. Not sure what the cost is though.

  3. Hi Blur: U may be right abt wear n tear but I distinctly remember having already changed the exhaust pipe once already. Ditto for battery and the aircon blower. Next time, I’ll remember to keep all bills for the car!

    Hi Richard: how nice of u to drop by! I’ve thought of AA but probably in terms of hassle and extra costs, I wld just have to do the repairs as recommended and get it over with. Just seems so strange this all comes after failed efforts to get me to replace my car!

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