Day of connections

May 15 was rather an extraordinary day insofar as I was invited to gatherings for a lunch and a dinner where the intention is for people who know people and people related to people to reconnect for while, even if it’s for no longer than a meal.

The lunch was at that grand old home which I know from another lifetime, some previous visits which I record openly like this one and others, I keep private like this here.

In whatever mode I record the visits, food is always a centre-piece as it was in the old days.

The May 15 visit saw an abundance of food. (So what’s new? :-D) There was beef, pork and chicken for the meat section; lightly cooked salmon; salads; noodles, clam chowder for soup, vegetable with beef, curry.

 The hot section just rolled on and on and would give regular buffet spreads at restuarants a run for their money, except that the buffet I was at, at the grand old home which I Shall not Name, was super exclusive and the gathering a veritable private banker’s dream.

They were people I knew quite well and ate with regularly in another lifetime. So overwhelmed was I by this reconnection with people whom I don’t normally see socially nowadays (other than from afar), I quite forgot to set my trusty Nokia camera phone to work.

Hence at the end of the lunch and we were saying our polite good byes, all I have is a picture of my plate of fruits, which I think speaks volumes about the fruit spread alone. Eight kinds of fruit! There were also cakes, chocolates, rich sweets of all descriptions, gula Melaka etc

(Strangely, after my good friend LH’s story abt the departed never leaving this world but remain ever present in a different dimension, different bandwidth, I felt more at ease eating at the old mansion again, feeling his benevelont presence everywhere). 

fruit plate says it all

That nite’s dinner was more modest at Ah Yat’s Restaurant @ Turf City where my brother, KP and his wife SS had secured a table for the family at the annual Parents’ Day dinner organised by the joint BP Churches of Mt Hermon and Hebron at Choa Chu Kang.

This was the 3rd time that the churches have held their joint dinner. Essentially it is for parents, relatives and other family members, so long as each table there’s someone resembling an elder.

At our table, my mother was the token elder, with two relatives from SS’ side of her pre-marriage family being the other two.

Food was plentiful, as was happy clappy singing of hymns and other religious songs. There was a testimony or two; even some sermonising but because of the constant stream of food and top up of hot tea and soft drinks, there was no need for any mental engagement between those on stage and those happily tucking into the food and chatting in the audience.

It was a pleasant stress-free way of family bonding though I expect if we did it at home instead of amidst many strangers, the bonding might be more effective. But that way, you can’t show off your church mates to your family and vice versa!

mum waiting for action

all the elders

one for the album


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