May babes celebrate on

part of the spread

part of salad bar

part of hot section

beancurd cake cut into strips

 Incredible though it seems there are no fewer than six members of my family who are born in May: myself, a brother, two sisters-in-law, a niece and a nephew.

In fact, there would have been seven, but the poor kid passed away in December 2008 and today co-incidentally would also have been her 18th birthday had she been around.

Auntie FY gave a dinner for all of us May babes and included mum, some family friends and the ubiquitous Siti on whom mum is increasingly dependent.

We went as usual to the Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant at the Quality Hotel, a venue that’s much favoured by Auntie FY and her part of the family.

As noted previously as it was a Sunday, we again had the Asian buffet which boasts over 100 dishes. I again forgot to count but there might be even more dishes now because more sections appear to have been added, so that there was one dedicated to desserts and ice-cream and another to hot and cold drinks, fresh fruits and ingredients for making ice kacang .

There also appeared to be a new hot section serving “satay” celop and cui kway, besides the one serving freshly cooked noodles, with both manned by cooks to prepare orders a la minute. This was in addition to the hot sections where the guests helped themselves.

I like vegetarian food and Lotus offers such a wide selection that there’s something for everyone’s taste. The only thing I wish it won’t do is trying so hard to make so many of its dishes appear non-vegetarian.

Surely those who want to eat vegetarian are turned off by meat and don’t want to be reminded of it! This is something that Lotus and other traditional vegetarian restaurants may want to chew on!


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