Nothing quite like UOB’s service

I’m saying this with tongue in cheek of course. What I mean to say is there’s nothing quite like UOB’s lack of service.

I had bitched about this bank just a few days ago concerning its latest service lapse: how my April bank statements arrived 10 days after the month ended. That I called be4 their arrival to inquire etc. For all the gory details see here.

Then today something happened that convinces me that UOB has grown too big to service all its customers properly.

I received a second set of the banks statements written about, a first set having arrived on May 10.

But wait. Guess what’s the date stamped on the envelope containing the statements I received today? May 19, for crying out loud!

I had spoken to UOB staff concerning the non-arrival of statements on May 7. Was assured that the orginal set had been mailed at month-end but since they hadn’t arrived, they promised to send another set.

So, the promised second set of statements had taken almost a fortnight to get from the bank to my place. Why, even if the messenger walked or crawled, they would have arrived sooner, I’m sure.

Still, this is the last time I’m going to write about UOB’s kind of non-service, not because I think it would do to me what a hawker did to a customer who complained about his wife’s bowl of noodle: slice off his thumb, according to the court report in the Straits Times!

Rather, it’s because I remember an old colleague’s advice: if you refuse to walk away from a situation, when you can, then don’t complain.  The other side obviously knows your inertia and since the relationship benefits them, they are not going to improve.

Yup, what can’t be cured must be endured!


4 thoughts on “Nothing quite like UOB’s service

  1. Not re the post at all but am very intrigued by that piece of advice. Going to take that away with me.

  2. What can’t be cured must be endured? Or to stop complaining if one refuses to change the equation?

    Background: my ex-colleague n supervisor was sick n tired of listening to me come back fm lunch everyday, complaining abt a free-mooching colleague who used to lunch with me frequently. Almost every time she had an excuse not to pay for her share, from having no change to forgetting to bring her purse. On the days she’s got everything, she’s got an appointment and we won’t lunch.

    My supervisor would say everytime I complained: “Then don’t lunch with her.” Being male and full of confidence, he had no problem with saying “no” and cutting ties. He couldn’t understand why anyone would allow another to take advantage.

    After my X-time complaining tt I had been short changed by lunch companion, supervisor lost his cool and said: “If u can change the situation and won’t, i forbid u to complain to me again.”

    The problem eventually resolved itself when said mooching colleague left for another employer.

    Years and continents separated us. Then recently, we met up for a meal. And yes, neither of us changed. She happily allowed me to take the bill when I got tired of the game of waiting to see who would take the bill first.

    Now, Pei, wish u didn’t ask, right? 🙂

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