Passionately entrepreneurial?

Something strange happened today at the Cold Storage outlet at basement 1 of Takashimaya.

I was at the check out counter when my cashier and others were talking quite openly about a customer who had been building up Passion Card points with a vengeance.

The really strange thing about this “customer” was that the person did no shopping. Merely accosted those who were paying and possessed no Passion Card and then proceeded to harvest points from the purchases of total strangers!

“You mean you allow that?” I asked the cashier serving me, incredulously.

She shrugged.

And the customers allowed that? Apparently.

By the time I overheard and joined in that conversation, this “customer” had already built up 4,000 points.

May not seem a lot for that effort considering that every 1,500 points are converted into only $10 for offsetting purchases at Cold Storage, Giant and Guardian.

Especially if the Passion Card’s “Tap for More” promotion with the Dairy Farm subsidiaries yields only 1 point for every $1 spent with which it kicked off on April 1.

However, the Dairy Farm subsidiaries have added an extra promotion that ends on April 19: every $1 spent yields 10 points. Now strangers without Passion Cards could yield a lot of points and what might have taken ages to monetise is sped up by 10 times! And none of that reward comes from one’s pocket!

Before I paid up, I simply had to ask: was the customer a man or a woman?

A woman, the cashier told me. She had already vamoosed after the cashiers started discussing her “haul”.

I left, wondering whether the Passion Card point-gatherer is simply a typical free-loader or  a passionate entrepreneur who spotted a chance to make a quick buck and goes for it full tilt.

Note, I don’t immediately say this is typical of the kiasu Singaporean. I don’t say that because I’ve no idea what nationality or race this woman is. There being so many foreigners now in Singapore, it could as much be one of them as one of us! 

Footnote: The Passion ezlink Card, according to its website is “a membership card for members of the People’s Association including Grassroots Leaders, members of Community Clubs (CC) / Water-Ventures. ”

To see how I ended up a Passion Card member read here.

playing my cards


3 thoughts on “Passionately entrepreneurial?

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  2. I was given one several years ago after I took aprt in the Passion Run but I had never used the card to get points. It’s probably because I shop at different supermarkets all the time. The most useful card has been my Caltex card where I exchange my points for New Moon rice.

  3. Blur, yes. There are so many cards offering so many points tt I need a program to keep track. Mayb the promotions shld allow pple to transfer points to others, so tt nothing goes to waste?

    Btw, I don’t trust rice fm petrol stations. Once we took one fm one of the stations and lo n behold found wot Siti calls “binatang” inside! Weavals!

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