Another gift horse….

came my way, this time from M1, as an SMS from 77777 this morning told me to “go to for more details.”

Why? Because “it’s our way of saying ‘thank you’ for being with us”.

With such “sincerity”, how could I resist logging in to check what treats M1 has for me it’s long time customer?

Oh boy! I was simply bowled over by the generosity and innovativeness: 1 dines free when 3 dines at Marriott Cafe (for buffet), Fig & Olive (a la carte) and Sofra Turkish Cofee (main course).

Fig & Olive even throws in a free brownie.

Pasta Inc offers a 1-for-1 pasta; Tony Roma a free main course for a minimum purchase of a main while at Let’s Clap, it’s a 1-for-1 seafood.

I really feel spoilt for choice!

Until I remember that i don’t need to be a birthday auntie to enjoy such 1-for-1 temptations.

I need only use my UOB credit card and I get a far longer list of 1-for-1 freebies and at a restaurant or two that’s a lot more up market than what’s on M1’s menu!

So unless merchants are serious about rewarding their customers, methinks they should just desist! Or risk having their gifts study like a horse, to see if they are a bit long in the tooth!


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