Rolling good time @ Private Affairs

Note, I didn’t write “rolling good feed”. Fact is the food wasn’t outstandingly good, with just two to three really tasty dishes, but food wasn’t the most memorable thing about dining at Private Affairs in Joo Chiat Place.

Instead, it was the exemplary service that I took away with me when our group celebrated LW’s birthday there last Saturday.

The wait-guest ratio was unusually high that night, perhaps because there were only 13 guests made up of a table of six (ie us); two couples at two tables and a threesome at another table. 

nibbles be4 we start

Thanks to the wait-guest ratio, we got a lot of attention, made more special because the restaurant manager, Alvin Christopher, seemed to have an instant rapport with our group. K, not sure if that’s genuine or good PR but the fact was, he made our table feel special. 

Perhaps it was because two of us, HTK and I had extensive conversations with him be4 the dinner; me to request that there be alternatives provided for two dishes on the Chef’s Signature Menu — which we were having — because I don’t eat duck or beef; HTK spoke to him to book our table and then again to ask for directions. 

Service aside, there was a generosity of spirit. We brought two bottles of red that CK had got from Vinum, fully expecting to pay corkage for both. But no, corkage for only one bottle. That for the second bottle was waived.

Then instead of having to choose six of the seven courses from the Chef’s Signature Menu (which was what was stated on Private Affairs’ website), we were served the full seven dishes, plus an extra course with the chef’s compliments!

I also want to note that the camomille tea blended with lemon grass which was served us in place of coffee was sheer genius as it gave a uniquely fragrant end to the meal. 

The bill for the six of us came to around $1, 200 and that included a $120 bottle of Sauterne we decided to have when we retired after dinner to the 2nd floor lounge to continue our revelries! 

Now that says something about a restaurant when guests want to linger after the food on the table has gone! 

Pix below show what I ate, except for the dessert of cheese “sandwich” and strawberries. The tuna-toro and the kurobota pork were my substitutes for the duck cappacio and wagyu beef which the others had. 

the real starter

el toro, so pretty and tasty

scallop under a blanket

soup and lobster paste canelloni

chef's compliments!

my main course

sweet petite fours


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