Killer bacon

This is a post that will please my friend Betty Khoo, author of the best selling book, Cancer Cured Naturally.

Normally I would eat bacon only in a restaurant setting, as I found past attempts to fry bacon in Singapore had always left the pan sweaty, as a lot of water comes out the bacon slices.

Friends with culinary skills advised me to dab the bacon dry first, not take it straight from the fridge and put it into the frying pan. Didn’t work. Instead, bits of kitchen paper tower gets stuck to the bacon.

Others advised me to put the bacon into a deep fryer, the same way you would do chips. I didn’t do that as I didn’t want to waste a lot of oil just to get a few slices of fried bacon.

Till last Sunday when I suddenly felt like having pancakes, eggs sunny side up and fried bacon, mushrooms and tomatoes for brunch.

At which my sister, whose family was asked to join us for the meal, laughingly said: “You think you are in a hotel?”

Not so, but I always reminisced about the free flow breakfasts that was served on Super Star Virgo which I travelled on several times, accompanying my mother on her gambling binges. And the crispy fried bacon served was first class!

Anyway, Daffy brought the bacon. I had the rest of the brunch stuff all ready except for the bacon. I decided to cook it in a very hot non-stick skillet, to try and prevent the sweating and other yuckiness that result cooked in a normal frying pan.

OK, the bacon browned quickly, almost too quickly. It wasn’t as crispy as that on the Super Star Virgo. But there was little sweating and everything tasted fine.

But when it came to washing the non-stick skillet hours after the brunch, I had a nasty shock. The pan was coated with thick oily gung that had coagulated. That could only have come from the bacon since nothing else was cooked in the pan. I didn’t even add oil.

I poured boiling water into the skillet to try and help with the cleaning. Then I poured away the water and tried to remove the softened mess with paper kitchen towels.

Here is the picture of the remnants of that cleaning exercise. Now if that doesn’t put one off eating bacon and other salt cured meats, I don’t know what will!

paper towel covered in "gung"


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