@ Tan Tock Seng Hospital’s A & E

for more than four hours…

I must have an affinity with the hospital. It’s been only two years since I’ve had to go to A&E — with my mum.

I went there today again but thank goodness not to accompany my mum. But the bad news is that it was her maid Siti who has developed another one of her unexplained maladies.

The last time that happened was when she complained of lumps growing in one of her breasts and despite my and the family GP’s assurance, she kept on complaining about how painful the lumps were.

In the end, I asked the GP to give her a referral. Which he did to KK Hospital. Which unfortunately couldn’t give her an appointment specifically for breast complaints.

So I turned to friend THSM who heads corp coms for Singhealth and SGH. And I got Siti an almost instant appointment with the hospital’s top breast surgeon. He saw her, did an ultra sound and pronounced the lumps were normal and related to menstrual cycles.

To be doubly sure, he gave her a second appointment three months later for another ultra sound. Pronounced the lumps harmless and gave her an open appointment.

Since that appointment almost a year ago, the lumps apparently have disappeared altogether according to Siti, until some 10 days ago when she complained that new lumps have appeared on her other breast.

However because she’s due for her six monthly medical check up with the GP, I told her to tell the doctor when we go and see him early next month.

Then last night she complained she had pains on her right chest, the same side where lumps have appeared in her breast. This morning, she said the pain had spread to her right arm whenever she moved it.

When I came home after lunch she said she was so giddy she couldn’t wash the crockery from the meal she had with mum.

Her health problems were obviously escalating so I decided the best move was to have them thoroughly assessed, for peace of mind — to her, me and my mum, her employers. Our GP won’t be able to do that, so it was a choice between going to Raffles Hospital or Tan Tock Seng Hospital. It was the latter since it is very near my home.

When we got to the hospital, Siti told the nurse her chest pains had been since Tuesday night. When she saw the doctor, she said the pain had started three days ago.

But tests showed Siti had no fever; her blood pressure and blood glucose were normal; all her vital signs were examined and pronounced normal. She had no breathing problems. X-rays of her right chest where she complained of pain showed no abnormalities. At my request, the A & E doctor also examined her breast for the painful lumps complained about. He said what he found was less than 1 cm and related to menstrual cycles.

However, because she was asked repeatedly by the medical staff whether she vomited, she suddenly became nauseous and had to rush to the toilet. And since then she has kept making signs of wanting to throw up, but never succeded in doing so.

The TTSH doctor gave her an injection for her giddiness as well as tablets for her to take for the complaint for the next two days. He also gave her muscle relaxants for her pain. So far, she’s refused to take them.

She’s been given two days off for her complaints.

Her medical bill for everything came to $152.80; I paid $85, with government subsidy of $67.80.

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