Parking lot prayer works again

I wrote about how the short prayer an ex-colleague taught me last month worked like a dream the first time I tried it out.

As someone who is very cautious about frivolous use of the power of prayers, I’ve resisted using the same mantra again — till today.

Today, I was dumb enough to go to Tan Tock Seng Hospital to pick up my mother’s long list of prescription medicines at around 3pm, overlooking the time and the fact that today is Monday and everywhere, especially hospitals, would be full to the brim, picking up two days’ of week-end down time.

Even more dumb was that I took mum and her maid Siti along “for the ride” and then compounded that dumbness by dropping them outside the pharmacy before proceeding to look for a lot in the TTSH carpark.

(This was doubly dumb because if I failed to find a lot and decide to abort the errand, I would have difficulty locating them to go home with me– because I needed to get out of the car to find them and how could i do that, if i don’t have a lot? 😦

It was against this background and on discovering the TTSH carpark full to the brim, with multiple cars double-parked, and then circling the carpark twice, that I decided I must again say that prayer to get a parking lot.

And I swear, at the third muttering of  “Hail Mary, full of grace, help me find a park space”, a man appeared out of nowhere in front of me, got into a parked car and drove out, leaving me an empty lot that was easy to reversed into.

Again, I would prefer to have a logical explanation for what happened. But deep in my heart where logic doesn’t reside, I know that I got the lot because of my prayer.

And because it worked so well, I must remember all the more to be careful about invoking it at the slightest need.

But then again, when prayers work so well, why not just ask and be answered?


4 thoughts on “Parking lot prayer works again

  1. Yes, Blur, do use it! Btw, not only did I find it worked. It worked too for another friend (mum of the Bidayuh specialist) who emailed me yesterday to say: “Guess what? Your Hail Mary prayer worked to give me a carpark at Parkway yesterday evening. I uttered the prayer and as I turned the corner, a driver actually signalled to me almost at once, to say he was just leaving. Amazing!!”

  2. I think it is just pure coincidence. If prayers really work, there won’t be famines and earthquakes!

  3. Think the two examples you named can’t be solved by one short prayer. One needs to pray hard and constantly against natural disasters and also prepare for them.

    Btw, I deleted your eml contact offer, as I’m not “buay song” with what you say. You r free to believe or not believe in prayers!

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