Yogi House revisited

Today, I made my return visit to Yogi House @ Fu Lu Shou Complex, not by design but by default because after visiting the Waterloo Street Temple, I suddenly felt very hungry.

Not wanting to go back to Sophie’s (New Green Pasture Cafe) where I had just been earlier this month, I decided to revisit Yogi House, as I had always intended to, after my first visit back in January.

Alas, the basil beehoon which had been on my mind all the while (I’m a basil and beehoon eating/loving monster) was off the menu. So was the “sushi”. As was the dessert of the day. Business very good, ah, I thought as I settled for what was available — sesame noodles.

It was only after I had paid for my food that I discovered it was a cold noodles, not temperature hot as I thought.

I might have been more worried had I discovered — more abt that latter — what i discovered when I was about to leave the cafe after I finished eating.

When the noodles arrived, my worries evaporated. A fresher and healthier looking dish I’ve seldom seen. Or tasted when I dug into my meal.

sesame noodles so good!

A small mount of crispy salad comprising finely shredded cucucumber, pea shoots and something crackly and crunchy (which I couldn’t name) covered the noodles. A delicious brown sesami sauce that had just the right amount of sweetness sat at the bottom of the dish with the noodles.

I couldn’t toss the ingredients properly because they were served in a small dish while the amount of ingredients was enormous, to put it mildly.

So I cleared the top of the heap first by eating it up. Which to its credit was so good that it wasn’t in need of any sauce to improve its taste. Still, a bigger plate would have allowed for all the ingredients to be well tossed which no doubt would have made the whole dish taste better, instead of eating the dish in two parts: the salad kosong and the noodles with the sauce.

The salad and noodles came with a tasty seaweed soup. All for $6 — a price which I noted in my previous post on Jan 7 gives Sophie’s at Fortune Centre a run for her money.

Before I left, I decided to pick up some organic groceries that the Yogi cafe sold. At the cashier’s, I inquired whether there would be any discount. She asked whether I was a “member”. I said “no” and inquired about how to become one.

Then she dropped the bombshell.

“I can’t tell you now because there will be a new owner. He takes over tomorrow…” indicating with a nod at a man whom I had thought was just another customer.

That explained why most of the food was gone by the time I got there, which was barely after 1pm.

I guess vegetarian food business, especially when it is touted as organic vegetarian, isn’t a gold mine. And Sophie’s staying power probably is due to her daring to be pricey, instead of simply serving great food!


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