Why why why is Singapore

so fixated with yesterday’s people? Especially ang mo singers!

Uncle Tom

Take Tom Jones!

He’s 69, for heaven’s sake. Still expect him to belt out songs for an hour or two in the high octane style that most fans remember him for? And even throw their undies to him for him to remember them by!

He might have been able to do that — his singing, not his gyrations — if he were given a chair and a comfortable one at that.

But to gyrate and sing on his set of pins, be4 he has had time to recover from jet lag or whatever that takes its toll on people even half his age?

So, I’m not in the least bit surprised he managed just two songs last Friday, when sweating profusely he slung off the stage.

And I’m not in the least bit surprised that despite a whole week to recuperate from “acute laryngitis”, his doctor has advised him against carrying on with the show tonight as he ‘could risk serious permanent damage to his vocals’.

What I’m surprised about is that the entertainment team at Resorts World Sentosa made him one of their opening numbers for the RWS entertainment complex.

How uncool and irrelevant. Singapore isn’t Blackpool or Staten Island.

What finally takes the cake, however, is the RWS statement saying that the concert had been called off due to Tom Jones’ being ‘genuinely ill’.

What else could he have been, for heaven’s sake!

RWS has also promised that it would try to reschedule the performances in the near future.

A better promise, in my view, is for RWS  to promise to bring in more contemporary Asian singers and performers!


4 thoughts on “Why why why is Singapore

  1. Mayb but tickets @ abt $400 a pop ain’t cheap. Of cos, we don’t know how much he’s paid actually and if the difference between his performance fee n what RWS charges, then becomes RWS’ profits! Still, his disappearing act and subsequent cancellation shld teach RWS not to go for someone on the wrong side of 60 for high octane acts!

  2. Greetings, AN… a new pseudonym? 😀
    OK, for the old codger to be still a big hit in the UK. Which country doesn’t honour its famous/once famous son? But for S’pore to go gaga over a dethroned antique is pathetic, to put it mildly.

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