Dozo with Z

Last Thursday, Z gave me yet another treat. This time at Dozo, the modern Japanese restaurant at Frasers’ Valley Point, where else but in River Valley Road. (Just be4 Chinese New Year, I was treated to a great meal at Mad for Garlic).

Z had a new contract to do training at a price that made the job less onerous and that called for a celebration, according to Z. That’s another excuse for Z to pamper me, which is getting embarrassing.

I’ve insisted and Z has agreed to let me buy the next round, at Hot Chillies at Orchard Central. Otherwise, I would feel like a “kept” friend 😉

Z insisted we had the 7-course set, which was way too much food for the two of us, really, even though the last course was just a drink.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Bon appetit drinks for two

cheese stix looking like twigs

part of starter

the full starter

my sashimi

Z's crab claw

my bamboo clam

Z's philo pastry fish

we both had this wonderful cod as main

crab bisque cappucino

hot herbal drink closing the meal

Main points of the Dozo (which means “please” in Japannese according to Z ) experience:

1) Excellent service; the wait people flitted in and out of our private room to make sure we were never left cooling our heels when we needed something. Also, when Z stated upfront about not wanting foie gras, it was replaced with mushrooms in the starter for Z. Only problem: the waits’ diction could do with some elocution help from Z! 

2) We were given a private room at no extra charge. Quite a luxury, especially when we weren’t expecting that, as there were only two of us.

3) We ordered different fish dishes and mixed and shared, which allowed us to taste more from the menu.

4) We also had dessert of macha creme brulee and it was so good that we ate every bit of the stuff be4 I realised that we hadn’t taken the pix.

5)We particularly loved the crab bisque cappucino — a soup — that was good to the very last drop.  Ditto the generous portion of Atlantic cod for the main.

6) Everything was served with so much attention to details to enhance the prettiness of each dish, that it seemed a pity to eat anything.

7) One sour note tho: the starter or amuse bouche was a tad cold; the scallop in the combo was a tad hard and cold, perhaps made so by the foam or Thai aparagus twig. Dozo should work a little harder on this, since the starter sets the tone for the whole meal, and it would be such a pity if it spoils the mood for the excellent stuff to come! 😀

5 thoughts on “Dozo with Z

  1. Yes, Z is a nice fren and not just because of all the pampering. As for Dozo’s food, it’s so picture pretty, that it’s a shame to eat it up.

  2. No no.. that is not too much at all! When it comes to Japanese food, sashimi in particular, I can have at least 2 more portions of that. In fact, I did, when I was in Shanghai last week *ahem*

    And hello! Did not mean to stop twittering/fbing. Just rediscovering the joy in blog posts…

  3. Hey, Pei! So nice of u to drop by! Actually the food at Dozo was a lot; the dishes were prettily set up but the helpings were large, esp the cod main! As for sashimi in SHG, don’t make me more envious! Already bad enough when you get to enjoy that city! Will you be applying for IPS’ Young Business Ambassadors 10- week openings for SHG at end of this year? Tailored for execs like you…

    As for Tw/FB: u write such poetically cryptic non linear accounts that can just as well fit into TW/FB/BL. Don’t stop!

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