Feeling so lucky..

I was quite upset on Friday nite to return home after La Salle’s Sweet Charity to find the neighbour’s balcony floor leaking into my balcony ceiling. I imagined other horrors, such as leaks springing up in the kitchen, sitting-dining and bedrrom ceilings.

If so, how could I go to Melaka? Even tho it wasn’t a trip I die-die must make, it was an appointment I was loathe to break — at the 11-th hour. What would the organiser who had so kindly included me in her bonding trip think?

Would a leaking ceiling sound like a lame excuse for something I couldn’t face, such as spending two days and one nite in close proximity with people, most of whom I’m only on nodding terms only?

I kicked myself mentally for not reflecting on the situation fully be4 accepting the invite. But there you are: mayb my wavering inclination had somehow caused the balcony ceiling to leak, so that I would have an excuse not to go?

Then I told myself, to stop being stupid. It’s only a small matter. Both the trip and the ceiling. Go! But make sure to create a safety net back home.

Hence calls to a trusty plumber, Stanley, whom I’ve asked for help from, on and off, over the years, even as the coach was thundering northwards across the Second Link. Further calls back home to alert both Daffy and maid of the situation.

Yes, I’ve survived the Melaka junket none the worse for the experience. In fact, probably a lot richer in understanding how people who aren’t like me tick.

And yes, the leak has stopped. And no, contrary to my worries, the neighbour’s landlord is taking care of the bill, as he should under our condo laws.

There was also the letter from MDA I took from the letter box on my return home, and was a bit taken aback. Why should MDA be writing to me? I’ve paid both mine and my tenant’s 2010 TV licences well be4 deadline.

But I needn’t have worried. It was, ta-ta-ta-ta a refund cheque, totalling $23.82. To make sure there was no mistake, I called MDA’s hotline early this morning to find out “why”. Apparently, it’s for refunds for the radio licences of two cars that had long gone to de-register heaven and for one month of TV licence dating back to February 2005!

Haha, now aren’t I lucky. I’ve never said PAP means pay and pay and I don’t think I ever would, especially since the Government or at least MDA is so meticulous with its refunds!

I didn’t know any refunds were due to me so didn’t make any applications. Or if I did, I probably decided I don’t mind the Government keeping the small change ^———^!

And to cap it all today, I won an $80 food voucher, after completing my Ichiban rewards card.

Mum, maid and i had gone to Novena Square and Ichiban Sushi to consume our freebie food (a set meal + chawan mushi + agedeshi tofu). We topped up with another set meal + hot sake + a small Jap cheese cake.

That brought me two rewards stamps one of which completed an existing card which already carried 14 stamps. With 15 stamps, I was entitled to one spin at a grand prize.

And as the wheel went round and round, I wonder what i would end up with.

When bingo, I got the top prize of an $80 food voucher.

Now, aren’t i just one lucky monkey?

The last time I won the $80 voucher was at least three years ago, when super-delicious looking DH was still the manager at the Great World City Ichiban Boshi outlet. In fact, when he was in charge, I won the $80 vouchers twice in a row.

After he left, I lost the taste for Ichiban for a while, perhaps out of loyalty (misplaced?) to him and stopped going there for a while.

However, have been going back there more frequently in the past year.

Now, I’m targetting for one of the 32 iphone prizes in the super grand lucky draw. Hope my lucky star will shine on me on the day of the draw. 😀 😀


3 thoughts on “Feeling so lucky..

  1. Is is a coincidence that my father also received a $14 rebate from MDA? Maybe MDA is doing housekeeping and discovered loads of money that people have overpaid over the years.

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