Back from Melaka …

and the leak from upstairs has stopped. Tho I don’t know yet whether that’s due to the upstairs neighbour’s efforts or that of my plumber. If the latter, how are we to sort out the bill?

Oh, I hate leaks.

OK, because of a lack of Internet access while in Melaka, I’ve missed one day’s posting ie for March 27. Hope this won’t be the start of the slippery slope to giving up my 2010 resolution of a post every day for the year!

Here’s what we kicked off for lunch on the first day of the 2-day Melaka bonding trip. The second picture shows what we kicked off for dinner in Kulai on the last leg of our return drive late on Sunday nite. No prizes for guessing which is the travel package funded meal and which is the privately funded meal!

first meal in Melaka

end-meal in Kulai


3 thoughts on “Back from Melaka …

  1. One of my favourite nearby places to visit… such an interesting mixed culture from the Portuguese etc. The Chinese burial grounds go back to the Ming dynasty.

  2. Really? I’ve been to Melaka perhaps 8 or 9 times but it’s always by default rather than choice. It’s a little like Penang but with none of its redeeming features, such as glorious food and nice seaside. I’m strictly a non-cultural buff so fr me, it’s good fd, shopping, sea n sun and there r many more places than Melaka tt offer the same! 😉

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