It never rains but it pours

How true this common saying is — it never rains but it pours but that’s exactly how March 26, today, ended for me, with water seeping from the balcony of the neighbour above right into our balcony.

This I discovered just after returning from a happy foot-tappy evening at Sweet Charity, the Broadway musical which La Salle College of the Arts has put on from March 23 to 27.

Still nothing can be done now, about the balcony I mean. Neighbour sounds co-operative. Will call plumber in the morning she said and with any luck all would be settled by Monday. We will see.

Also present at Sweet Charity were Mr Peter Seah, DBS chairman designate, and Ms Jane Ittogi, wife of Singapore’s Finance Minister. They in VIP seats while I sat two rows behind them (in the free seating category) as guest of JL and La Salle.

Earlier today, I was at the Punggol temple which runs the Buddhist Welfare Services. Annual Qing Ming prayers for the dearly departed members of my family.

Ate a vegetarian lunch at the temple by default as it was too hot and late to try looking for alternatives after the prayers.

Ate a vegetarian dinner again this evening with JL at Loving Hut be4 Sweet Charity.

Now packing haphazardly and madly for Melaka tomorrow. 7am LO comes to pick me up to catch the coach. Hope I can get a few hours of shut eye be4 then.

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