Strong power of prayers

“Hail Mary, full of grace;  help me find a parking space..”

This was the short prayer an ex-colleague told me that helped her find a parking lot when she attended the same official opening of an enterprise by the Minister for Manpower Gan Kim Yong that I went to yesterday.

JH was giving me a lift back to Bugis Junction to retrieve my car and between leaving the function and the carpark where her car was, she regaled me with how when she arrived, the carpark was so full that she was about to park illegally in order not to be late for the opening, when a man appeared.

Me the ever-pessimist said: “Security guard?”

“No! The man was going to get his car and signalled to me to take his lot.”

“Oh! Oh, you are so blessed,” I gushed.

Then JH confided: “You know how I get a car park lot? I say a prayer.”

“I do too.”

 “Mine’s a special one,” she replied and being always generous with me, whenever we run into one another — not that often, so guess she could afford to be generous 😉 — she uttered her special prayer for me to hear.

We talked about other things and soon it was time for me to hop off at Iluma and walk across the sky-bridge to Bugis Junction and my car.

However, JH’s prayer stuck in my head.

Today, arriving at Tiong Baru Plaza, with mum and Siti for lunch, we again ran into the massive lunch and shopping crowd and a carpark that seemed to have all its lots taken up.

It’s one of those yesterday carparks which don’t show how many lots are available and where. So getting into it is always like a game of chance. Oh sure, one can’t enter when it’s full but when one enters, one could be going round and round — almost forever — looking for a lot and someone else who gets in later might beat you to a more conveniently located one.

It’s all a matter of whether you choose to turn right, or left, or go straight ahead.

It seemed like that was what was going to happen, because first, the car in front of me found a lot right next to the car polish reserve lots. Passing that car, I saw that the car in front of it had found another lot further on and right in front of the lifts.

I was resigned to not finding a lot in Basement 2, let alone a convenient one. Basement 3 for me then, after dropping mum and Siti at the lifts and with the injunction that if I didn’t turn up after XX minutes to order and eat.

As I revved up the car for Basement 3, I remembered JH’s prayer and said it mentally. And I almost freaked out when like a miracle, a carpark lot appeared, just as I moved beyond two parked lorries that had blocked my view.

A car park lot just five lots from the lift lobby. Straight after I said the prayer!

Sure, sceptics will say that since I was able to enter the carpark, there were obviously empty lots. So no miracle in finding a lot.

My reply is perhaps not. Perhaps it’s just a co-incidence. But what are the odds of a convenient lot appearing just after I uttered JH’s prayer?

As a firm believer in the power of prayer, I am usually careful not to ask for too many things, for fear that what I want today I may detest tomorrow, because the flip side of prayers being able to move mountains is the fact that tears are often caused by answered prayers.

So, I shall use JH’s prayer — sparingly and judiciously.

Postscript: JH says it might take up to 5 minutes for the prayer to work. Also, she was taught that prayer by an ex-colleague who is a Hindu.


5 thoughts on “Strong power of prayers

  1. That is the power of prayers! If we ask it in the will of the Lord. Jesus is always very happy to answer our prayers as long as it is not selfish prayers.We go through suffering whether we ask or not for help from the LORD JESUS. The difference is that when we have the LORD with us HE give us the strength to go through it, and we know that HE is there to comfort us. That is why I can go through all the many trails in my life.HE is always there to watch over me. I thank GOD for His Love for me. He loves you too. Before, I came to the LORD,I was so full of fears,.afraid of the dark.of ghosts of sickness and my family was the same,full of the superstitions.
    Take care and GOD BLESS YOU.
    Love Nan

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