Where nothing changes

In two recent posts, I had charted how landscapes in Singapore changed so fast that many of us can’t go home again literally — even if we wanted to!

The posts are here and here.

So when I received an email from a cousin, asking me to visit a website “to check out some of your old ‘haunts’ “, I did just that and I must say, well in some countries, nothing changes.

I had put in two addresses which will never be deleted from my memory: 108 Burdon Lane and Ormonde Court. Both are in Southern England and they were places where I lived in my salad days.

The first address, in a little town called Cheam, near Sutton, in Surrey was where I spent some 18 months while doing a crammers course before going university. That’s literally decades ago.

But low and behold, the old house is still there, though it looks as though it had something of a makeover. The road is still the same, lined by large leafy gardens on both sides, with the equally large houses well set back from the road.

I wonder if the family I lived with is still there?

Next was Ormonde Court, where I shared a flat with an English flat-mate who was never there, which suited me fine. That was in Upper Richmond Road, Putney, London.

I was interning at a newspaper and a merchant bank in the Square Mile or the City and every nite had to trudge for about half an hour from the East Putney Station up the long dreary Upper Richmond Road — hell when it was winter which seemed to be nine months in the year!

Yes, Ormonde Court is still there, large as life, little spruced up, as are even the butcher shop and the pub diagonally across the road.

While Britain and London are generally considered by the world to be dynamic and change leaders, two places I knew very well certainly haven’t changed, if at all.

I find it plenty freaky to see from the mirror how much older I’ve grown and yet see from the website how the places where I once lived seem frozen in time.

I’m not sure I like that any better than have my past dwellings and “haunts” disappear even as I breathe, as is the case in Singapore.

Oh yes, the website to check out the old home town or go down memory lane is here: http://www.vpike.com/


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