Bravo Mrs Neo for standing by your man!

I’m absolutely delighted that Mrs Jack Neo, aka Madam Irene Kng, has decided to stand by her man, unequivocally.

To do otherwise, she’d be playing right into the hands of the two women (and who knows how many others will now take the opportunity to score points or ride on the publicity bandwagon)– who claimed to have been hit upon by Mr Neo, also popularly known as Liang Ximei and Liang Popo, and then when things didn’t go the way they expected, decided to sing and tell.

At the same time, if Mrs Neo abandoned Jack at this critical moment, she won’t be doing herself, her marriage, her family and probably her family fortunes any favour.

So, yes, Jack Neo probably like all men would hit on a pretty thing that comes his way.

I’m sure all women, when youth and/or looks are on their side, have been hit on by men, be they captains of corporations or merely bus or restaurant captains.

And many women, no matter how principled, will be flattered by the attention from captains of corporations, even if they don’t succumb.

For those who succumb but find in the end that they are merely a passing fancy in a busy man’s life, it may be hard to take. Especially if they had banked on that busy man to fill up the lacuna in their talents to ensure a smooth upward journey for their career.

So, Irene Kng, hang on to your man because every man deserves a supportive wife, even if he’s a well-known film producer who philanders, a bit, a lot, who cares —  since I don’t think his position in the film world is based on his being Singapore’s icon for high impeccable morals.

Mrs Neo, just fix your mind on Hillary Clinton. Remember Monica Lewinsky. And never waver. In the face of the lynch mobs whom the creeps over at Temasek Review are trying to incite.


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